Free Android Apps from Amazon AppstoreI hate paying for apps up front. I know that smart people spend lots of time and creativity making them, but at least half of the apps I install get uninstalled within 5 minutes because they don’t include the feature I wanted or the design is clunky. When I find one I love and use daily, like ADW Launcher, I go back and buy their paid version or donate to their cause. But I want to try the app free first.

Amazon has made this particularly easy by offering free apps regularly. I’ll give Amazon credit, they’re really trying hard with the Amazon Appstore. Competing with Google’s native Market is pretty tough, but Amazon isn’t above bribing us.

$2 credit to spend on Android apps in the Amazon Appstore for Android

Amazon Appstore for Android

  • Daily Free App: Every day, Amazon offers a different app for free. Usually they’re 99¢ apps like Angry Birds Rio, but I’ve gotten popular $9.99 apps like Cardio Trainer Pro for free also. To get started, download the free Amazon Appstore app here.
  • Amazon Appstore ReminderDaily Free App Reminders: I can’t remember simple things like where I set my coffee mug, so obviously remembering to check the Amazon Appstore every day for the free app just isn’t going to happen. Luckily, there’s an app for that. I use RaueSoft’s Appstore Reminder because it was the first. Every morning while I’m on the bus it sends me a notification about today’s free app.

Many suspect the Amazon Appstore’s primary purpose today is to smooth out the kinks before Amazon launches their android-based Kindle tablets this Fall. Personally I find the Amazon experience annoying — the apps don’t auto-update, multitasking in other apps while the Amazon Appstore is downloading or installing apps pauses the download, and it’s just not integrated. Not surprising really, considering that Amazon has developed its own fork of Android for the Kindle, on which the Amazon Appstore will presumably integrate much, much more seamlessly than with other android devices. Regardless, the Appstore’s daily freebies and the latest $2 credit promo help me think kinder thoughts of it.

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