I love Android. Obsessively, vocally, and without a trace of remorse. It fits me perfectly. I admit iOS has it’s place and is the best choice for some. In fact, we have 2 Android devices, 2 iOS devices and a Blackberry in our household. I plan to write a buying guide soon for those who want to know which will be best for them.

But this post isn’t a balanced review of the pros and cons of each. This post is dedicated purely to the glory that is Android.

Android Looks How I Want It To

If a device I’d going to be central to my life, in my hand or by my side literally 24/7, it needs to look engaging. Sure, the design of the visible hardware and how it feels in your hand and at your ear is part of that. But most important to me is homescreen design and the ability to customize it.

For example, out of the box Android devices are configured as telephones with browsers and email. That’s super for some, but my Android phone (HTC Thunderbolt) isn’t a phone to me. Actually, I hate phones. Hate.

My Thunderbolt is a small mobile computer with a 4″ touchscreen that I use for email, blogging, reading RSS feeds, reading ebooks, instant messaging, listening to music, looking up information, and maybe 3 times a week … a phone call. Shudder. Android allows me to configure its design and function to serve my needs. It doesn’t force the designers’ best guess as to what most people need on me. I’m not most people. None of us are. Android respects that.

Android Acts How I Want It To

Design and function are inextricably tied. Swiping, tilting, pressing, the handling of the apps tray and the task bar, people want different things to happen when these events occur. Everything that concerns how you interact with your Android device is configurable, either out of the box with stock Android, by installing apps like homescreen replacers/launchers, folder apps, and widgets. In my opinion, a homescreen replacer like ADW EX is the most critical app to install to take control of your Android’s look and feel. The brave can even root their devices for even more control over Android’s functionality.

Android Has the Widgets I Want

Widgets provide access to information or functions directly on your homescreen without having to first open an app. Widgets save time and clicks. They make your device YOUR device, customized to YOUR individual needs and wants. Widgets are a must-have feature and Android has them in spades.

Android Has the Apps I Want

Apple and Android both have great app stores. Most great apps are available on both, unlike Blackberry and WebOS. Pretty much anything I want to do I can find a way on Android. Usually several apps with slightly different features.

Android Has the Specs I Want

1 GB+ processor, 1 GB+ RAM, 8 MP+ camera, 4″+ touchscreen, 4G, micro SD slot for expansion, widgets, removable battery, extended battery, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI. Not every Android phone has all of these specs, but a few do. My beloved Thunderbolt, for example lacks HDMI. Sigh. But the key here is that YOU get to choose which specs are important to you.

Android Is About Choices

I like choices. That may sound obvious, who doesn’t like choices? Here’s what I’m talking about: Android enables me to tweak, test, experiment, revert, and generally fiddle-fart around with settings, options, apps and widgets until I’m satisfied. At least until tomorrow when I’ll get an idea and tweak it some more. Choices!


3 Comments on Why You’ll Have to Pry Android from My Cold, Dead Hands

  1. Peter Kocher says:

    Don’t forget all the hardware options for Android users! Do you want a physical or on-screen keyboard? Would you like a big screen or a HUGE screen? And Android is on just about ANY carrier you can imagine!

  2. JR says:

    A year and change has passed…how do you feel about Android now?

    • Jill Kocher says:

      More in love than ever. I just upgraded to the Galaxy Note II — AWESOME! I need to write a review on it. Also, I installed the Tasker app, and the control it gives me over minute functions like creating a truly custom power saver or GPS alarms or even something as simple as which apps to allow to use screen rotation is fantastic. I know that’s an app and not Android, but there are no comparable apps on Apple and that IS a platform decision. I like control and Apple doesn’t give it to me. Nor does Blackberry or Windows Mobile.