How I used free mobile apps to lose weight – 20 pounds and counting – quickly and safely without fad diets or starving myself.

MyFitnessPal LogoI realized in January that I had five months to lose at least 50 pounds to avoid being a plus-sized bride. Oh and for my health and self esteem and all that, too. But let’s be real, it’s for the wedding! So far I’ve lost 20 pounds in one month by eating sensibly, exercising, and most importantly TRACKING it all on my Android phone with MyFitnessPal.

I’ve always known there’s a relationship between the amount and type of food you fuel your body with and the amount of fuel your body burns a day with and without exercise. But how much food and how much exercise?

MyFitnessPal for AndroidThat’s where MyFitnessPal comes in. The app has a database of more than a million foods and their nutritional values like calories and carbs. It even has items from popular restaurants. Best of all, you can use the in-app scanner to scan the barcode for any grocery item to include in your food diary.

The exercise database includes gobs of sports and activities, from aerobics to volleyball. It even gives the calorie burning count for house cleaning and snow shoveling. Very cool.

The app loss the food I take in against the calories I need minus the calories I burn exercising tells me how many calories I have left. It helps me make smarter choices about how to use them.

To round out the app’s features, you can also befriend other friends who use the app. Some days, seeing an encouraging comment from a friend on my progress really helps me overcome my natural desire to lay in bed instead of jumping on the treadmill.

Plus, it’s free! Try it out, you have nothing to lose … Except some extra weight!

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