Excerpts from my latest article at Resource Interactive’s weThink blog: “Using Rich Snippets to Attract More Search Customers.”

Top rankings can be hard enough to achieve sometimes, but the battle for organic search clicks doesn’t stop with high rankings in Google and Bing. Search result bling, more commonly known as rich snippets, draws searchers’ eyes by adding visual flair to the plain blue link and black description that usually make up a search result snippet. The most commonly seen rich snippet adds yellow reviews stars next to some search results, but recipes, music, software applications, mug shots, videos and more can all be incorporated into search results as rich snippets.

Google results for Jessica Simpson Evangela shoes

For example, which of these search results for Jessica Simpson’s Evangela shoes grabs your eye? Heels.com tops the organic search results with a video rich snippet at position 1, and Zappos is dead on their heels (pardon the pun) with a video snippet of their own. The number 3 result is a plain snippet for Heels.com that gets lost in all the visual competition, and Google claims the 3.5 position for its own visually enhanced Google Shopping results.

Find out more about rich snippets and how to implement them. Read the article in full at Resource Interactive’s weThink blog »

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