Jill Kocher on February 22nd, 2013

Searchers aren’t like your other online customers. As a result, converting searchers to customers requires a different way of thinking.
Sites are typically designed with a series of paths or funnels in mind. Customer A starts at the homepage, wan…

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Jill Kocher on January 4th, 2013


With a new year ahead, it’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions. What do you want search engine optimization to do for your site in 2013? The most likely goals for any ecommerce site revolve around driving more traffic and converting more visitors. Let’s look at some steps for analyzing, planning and implementing stronger SEO programs in 2013.

Drive More SEO Traffic

Everyone wants more traffic. But before you can grow visitors, you need to understand where they’re coming from today. First stop, check your analytics to determine which keywords are driving organic search traffic, and to which URLs. This will tell you where your SEO performance is coming from today.

Next step, refresh your keyword research to determine what your c…

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Jill Kocher Brown on August 22nd, 2012

Excerpts from my latest article at NBC 5 Chicago’s Inc. Well: “How to Measure What Matters Most for SEO.” What matters in SEO most when measuring the performance of an SEO program is the bottom line: conversions. All other data – including rankings, quality and quantity of backlinks, bounce rates – merely serves as tools […]

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Jill Kocher on June 1st, 2012

Every now and then an ecommerce site raises its hand for an “SEO Report Card.” It’s a great way for the site to get some free advice and a good link, and an interesting way to give Practical eCommerce some, well, practical tips on how we’d handle S…

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Jill Kocher on November 29th, 2011

The quickest path to earning more from an ecommerce site’s organic search traffic is to convert more consumers who already go there. I addressed that topic previously, at “SEO: Convert More Before Driving More.”

So many SEO strategies focus on drivi…

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